Primus Gloves Pvt Limited. is one of India’s largest manufacturer of premium quality sterile surgical and examination gloves. A unit in Cochin Special Economic Zone manufacturing PREMIUM QUALITY GLOVES with a production capacity of 6 million pieces of medical gloves per month.

Our commitment to Excellence in Quality has earned us coveted certifications from leading international assessment bodies.

Patent Certificate for Polymer Coated Powder FREE Gloves **** New Introduction: GLOVES FOR ISOLATORS / RABS. This can used in COVID Sampling kiosks

Primus Gloves Private Limited
Plot No. 14 A, Cochin Special Economic Zone, Cochin - 682 037, India. Tel : 91 484 2413063, 2413076. Fax : 91 484 2413089.

EU Representative
Amstermed BV Saturnusstraat 46-62, Unit 032, 2132 HB Hoofddrop, The Netherlands. Phone: +31 23 5656337