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Nitrile Examination Gloves
Nitrile gloves
Benefits of Nitrile Gloves
NON Latex (Latex FREE) - Contain no natural rubber latex proteins, hence no allergy related issues
NON Powdered (Powder FREE) - Reduced Skin Irritation
Textured Finish for better grip
Soft, maximum comfort & fit, along with outstanding tactile sensitivity.
Greater resistance to solvents, chemicals and body fluids
Static Free, ideal for use in electronics.
Sterile Gloves in Medical/Hospital use.
Non Sterile Gloves in Automotive (mechanic’s favourite), food handling, salons/spas, electronic assembly, laboratory work, packaging, janitorial, general pharmaceutical and home use.
Glove Size
6.5/Small, 7.5/Medium, 8.5/Large